Aerial Imagery Acquisition Services:

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Getting data in today's digitized world isn't very difficult. Getting data that helps you make better decisions in real-time, however, can feel impossible. Aerial imagery acquisition services can provide your business with real-time, multivariable data to help you make better decisions today, tomorrow, and in the distant future.

Here are some aerial imagery acquisition services to consider when you need accurate survey and land data.

Imagery Timelines

For land and survey data, the internet has provided access to troves of satellite images that date back decades. When you're trying to assess land, these archival images can help you build a visual history that can help build a database of information.

  1. Tracking Down Data: Similar to the race to buy up domain names in the late 1990s, data firms in the early 2000s began snatching up terabytes of satellite images. These acquisitions meant that previously free data might now be held behind a paywall. One of the most important services offered by aerial imagery acquisition services firms is getting access to archived satellite images held by other entities. Not only do aerial imagery acquisition service contractors have connections within the industry, but they can help you narrow down the data you need to drive down the cost of acquiring archived images. For instance, if your business is looking to survey a few specific acres of land or you need to gather data about a particular stretch of river-front property, an aerial imagery acquisition service contractor will target their efforts to those specific areas.
  2. Presenting Side-by-Sides: When you're looking to sell a potential parcel of land, presenting side-by-side archival satellite images of the land can demonstrate how it, and the land around it, has changed. These changes can be important in rapidly developing areas and/or in areas where easements have changed the landholdings. Aerial imagery acquisition service firms can present you with user-friendly side-by-side images and video clips that you can present to potential buyers or investors to quickly give a parcel of land context.

Beyond the Images

Drone technology has evolved so rapidly that just about anyone with a few hundred dollars and access to a video tutorial can easily shoot 4k quality aerial footage. Aerial imagery acquisition services understand that getting the images is only the start of the goal.

  1. Slope and Topography: A single picture or video clip might speak volumes; however, that imagery might miss important data points your business would find incredibly valuable. For instance, if you're looking to improve the drainage on your property, an aerial imagery acquisition firm can give you detailed information about the slope and topography. The best aerial imagery acquisition service contractors will provide detailed data on slope and topography and also help you map these data points in real life. From laying out survey markers to documenting data for insurance purposes, an aerial imagery acquisition services provider can help you communicate slope and topography data in both reports and presentations.
  2. Redrawing the Lines: Property lines can be among the most disputed and litigious issues for property owners. Because original property lines were sometimes improperly surveyed or the land itself might have changed, an aerial imagery acquisition contractor can help you reassess property lines. Using scientifically precise GPS technology and high-definition camera equipment, you might find that crucial border areas around your property are improperly marked. This is particularly important in areas that have experienced major environmental events like erosion, floods, tornados, and hurricanes. Aerial imagery acquisition service contractors can submit this data to your local county or insurance provider to help you lay claim to the land you actually own.

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