Four Basic Rules For Playing Foosball

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Are you looking to add a little more fun to your home with a game that everyone can play? A custom foosball table may be just what you are looking for. However, don't make the mistake of just aimlessly twisting the handles around hoping for the best. Here are some basic rules of foosball to follow to provide some structure to your game.

Start With A Coin Flip

You don't start a game of foosball by just randomly putting in the ball to start a game. You actually want to start by flipping a coin. The person that wins the coin flip will then have the option of picking a side of the table or getting to place the first ball drop. If you just won a game and are facing a new opponent, it is courteous to give the new opponent the choice of picking a side or the first ball drop. 

Know About Ready Protocol

As tempting as it may be to start the game by catching your opponent off guard, it is not the proper way to start a game of foosball. There is actually a ready protocol that you should follow. If you have the first ball drop, you will place the ball between two of your players, then ask your opponent if they are ready. There is then a three-touch rule you need to follow, where you must first pass the ball and touch it twice before you can move the ball forward on the third touch. 

Avoid Spinning or Jarring 

While it's possible to spin those handles like crazy and hope you come in contact with the ball, that is not allowed in a game of foosball. You are not allowed to spin the rod more than 360 degrees without coming in contact with the ball. You are also not allowed to slam the rod into the side of the table to jar the ball around. 

Know What To Do With Dead Balls

There will likely be a point where the ball is stuck on the table where nobody can reach it with their players. If this happens, the ball gets moved to the goalie on the side of the table that the ball is stuck on. If the ball is stuck in the middle of the table, the ball goes to the goalie of the team that had the last drop.

While these are not all the rules of foosball, it will give you a good foundation to play a fair game.

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