What Equipment Do I Need For Tube Beading?

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There are various lines and pipes that benefit from beads. If you will be engaged in tube beading, you'll need to select the right equipment to carry this out or you will need to hire tube beading services.

How the Tube Beading Process Works

Tube beading is a process by which a bead can be formed at the end of a tube. This process can strengthen the tube at either end while creating a space that can hold a tube. This is done either through internal roll forming or ram forming.

Ram Forming

Ram forming is used when you need tube beading to be performed at a high volume and with a high degree of precision. This is most often used in the automotive industry when multiple beads need to be produced at once.

Internal Roll Forming

Internal roll forming is a slower process but might be more suitable in certain applications because it can produce tight tolerances. It relies on serrated clamp jaws to produce the bead. The bead is formed by applying radial pressure. 

Bead Forming at a High Volume

One of the factors that determine which bead rolling kit you'll need is the amount of beads you'll be producing. If you need to meet the demand for a higher volume of tube beads, use a powered bead roller, for example. Regardless of how many you are producing, you'll want to use equipment that is heavy-duty so that you don't have to worry about it breaking.

Manual vs. Electric

Some tube beading devices are operated with a crank. This allows you to produce beads manually. However, if you need to produce beads at a higher volume, you'll want to use an electric bead form tool. Then, you'll be able to simply plug the unit in and allow it to form the beads on its own.

Hiring a Tube Beading Service

Rather than handling tube beading in-house, you might want to outsource the process. You can do this by hiring a professional tube beading service. Then, you won't have to purchase the equipment that is needed to engage in tube beading. 

Even if you need custom tube beads, there are, fortunately, services that offer this. For example, you might need a tube bead that connects to low-pressure fuel lines. You might also need beads that can dampen vibrations for fuel lines. Look for a company like Accubend Inc. that does tube beading.