Candy Boxes: How To Use Them In Business Promotion

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You want to promote your business in big ways that will be memorable and useful to customers. One of the best and most cost-effective methods of promotion is to use candy boxes. These small, foldable boxes are usually sent out with custom lettering or styling to help the business represented to stand out and give the boxes a more professional appeal.

You can use candy boxes for self-promotion both within your company and to potential clients and partners. Here are ways you can use this marketing tool to your advantage.

Customer rewards

A candy box can be used for a customer reward, whether a customer has made a recent purchase, joined an online newsletter, referred a family member or friend, or just came into your business for the first time. The candy box should have your company name and logo on it, as well as any other contact information you feel is important. The candies within can be generic in design, or they can have your company name imprinted on them as well, such as for mints or small chocolates.

Partner Engagement

If you're bringing on new partners to your team or company as a whole, you can use candy boxes to not only thank your partners for trusting your company but also to help them promote your business — and therefore your partnership — in healthy, beneficial ways. Candy boxes should be delivered in bulk to your partners' main locations to allow them to disperse and use them as they wish.

Community involvement

When you want to reach out to the community, the best way to do this is by getting your name into the minds of people who have never been in your business before. This typically means providing a service or good for free or at a very low cost to draw interest. Provide candy boxes emblazoned with your company name and message to community event centers to give out as prizes or as part of a major raffle will help get your name out there while offering something useful to the recipient.

You can include a personal message in your business's custom candy boxes, or you can simply provide a business card within the box. You should have something tangible in the candy box that the recipient can keep even if they throw the box away so your message can continue to be received or passed on. Candy boxes can be beneficial for business promotion in many ways.

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