Air Shipping Tips For Your Shipments

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When you have a large volume of products that need shipping, multiple options exist. Your eagerness to get your wares to customers must be tempered by what you charge them for shipping, your own budget and the deals you're able to negotiate. Air shipping can be a speedy way to deliver products across the country but in order to make it work well, you must know the details below.

1. Prohibited Items Exist

Your first step must be to check out whether your products are eligible for air transport. Some items, such as perfumes, are often prohibited from flight travel and if some of your package contain forbidden items, you may need multiple ways to transport them.

2. Find Out About Tracking

Tracking will be important for you for many reasons. First, you need to be accountable to your customers in regard to the location of their orders. With good tracking provided by your air freight forwarder, you can answer questions and if you notice any delays, you can notify them before they become distressed that their orders aren't arriving when they expected. Tracking will also enable you to remain confident that your packages aren't lost or waylaid without your own knowledge. You can contact freight forwarder staff to get as much information as possible.

Domestic freight forwarders all have their own manner of tracking shipments. Ask for a description or rundown of their process and what methods they will give you to check on your packages at each stage.

3. Double-Check Cargo Sizes

Air freight companies must adhere to specific size requirements before they can fly with cargo. Know those requirements and ensure they're met before you send your shipments for loading. If they're not the right size, they could indeed be returned to your facility and delayed.

4. Ask About Ports

In a storm or other weather or plane emergency, your air freight carrier may need to land in a different port than expected. Ask about which ports and landing spots are used so you can always have a plan for your cargo if it's dropped in a place you didn't expect.

5. Properly Complete Forms

Many carriers ask for you to fill out documents about your items, even if you're using a domestic air freight services company. These documents may be filed with different organizations for safety and other reasons. Don't leave questions completely blank or unanswered; delays or rejections of your cargo may occur.

Air shipping is quick and works well for many companies. Use these details when negotiating your air freight contracts and laying out your company's action plans.