3 Reasons To Work With A Temp Agency After You Lose A Job

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Losing your job can be very scary, especially if it was an unexpected firing or lay-off and you didn't have a chance to prepare. Though it can be tempting to become down on yourself and avoid thinking about your job search, a better approach is to be as proactive as possible. Signing up with a temp agency is a great way to take control of this situation and protect yourself financially by lining up new options. Here are three excellent reasons to work with a temp agency after you lose a job:

Temp Agencies Can Eliminate Your Money Worries

One of the best things about working with a temp agency is they can help you find temporary work very quickly, often within days of completing their application process. Even if the temporary assignments are not the exact roles that you are most interested in, they can help fill in the financial gaps until you find permanent work. In some cases, you may even find a temp position in your preferred role and industry, which can lead to a long-term assignment or contract once your temporary contract is up.

Temp Agencies Offer Additional Professional Services

In addition to helping you find a temporary job, temp agencies offer additional help for your job search and even your overall career goals. Many temp agencies offer resume and cover letter assistance, as well as skills testing, interview practice, and career coaching. Some temp agencies offer aptitude testing to help you discover potential new career paths. Taking advantage of all the services offered by your temp agency will help boost your confidence and make you feel more empowered and prepared to find a great new job.

Temp Agencies Make Your Job Search Easier

Searching for a job can be very demoralizing, and often seems to involve sending out countless applications only to never hear back from any of the hiring managers. Temp agencies eliminate this problem because they already have a network of companies who are looking to fill positions immediately. They evaluate your experience and strengths, and help connect you with temporary or temp-to-hire positions that are a great match for your background and preferences.

You don't have to apply to companies directly and are not left hanging, waiting for a response. You don't typically have to go to an interview, since the temp agency interviews you when you sign up.

By enlisting the help of a temp agency, like Scion Staffing, you will make the most of your unemployment and minimize your financial loss.