Four Things About Leather Car Seats That May Surprise You

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One special interior feature you'll probably want to take advantage of if you're purchasing an exotic luxury car is leather car seats. Leather car seats can drastically increase the allure of a car's interior, but they can also quickly become damaged and prematurely aged if you don't know how to maintain them and clean them through the years. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of widespread misconceptions out there about leather car seats that cause luxury car owners to improperly maintain their vehicles' interiors. The following are four things about leather car seats you need to be aware of to make sure that you are properly taking care of this stylish but sensitive luxury car feature:

It will not cause any problems if you expose your leather car seats to small amounts of moisture.

It's important to note that car seat leather is carefully treated by being tanned and cured. This means that pure water itself should not harm your leather car seats. Exposure to water becomes damaging only when water contains harmful, caustic substances.

However, you can easily wipe your leather seat with a damp cloth to clean up spills or to attempt to remove stains. Just make sure you carefully dry any moistened portion of your seats after you have exposed it to moisture. 

You can enjoy that new car leather smell longer if you start a maintenance regime right away.

If you opt for leather seats in your luxury car, you can maintain that new car smell if you keep your leather hydrated. You can look out for commercial leather softeners that will improve leather's condition and keep it looking and smelling new through the years. 

You shouldn't assume that you don't need to maintain your car seats when your car's brand new.

Your leather seats will stand up to the test of time best if you begin a regular maintenance regime early on. Start cleaning and conditioning your leather from day one and don't wait until your seats start to look aged. 

The best leather cleaner for leather seats- especially leather seats with a vinyl coating- is a liquid leather conditioner.

A lot of luxury car drivers make the assumption that the best conditioner for leather seats is a cream conditioner. However, this is not necessarily the case.

These days, most leather car seats are coated with vinyl, and a cream conditioner won't be able to effectively condition vinyl coated seats. For effective conditioning, you should look for a liquid leather conditioner that will be capable of hydrating leather even through a vinyl coating. 

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