Promote Products And Services That Your Advertising Agency Offers

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If you own an advertising agency and would like to provide new and existing clients with some incentives to do business with you in the future, the following tips may draw attention to the line of products and services that you offer.

Mail Out Flyers That Promote Sales And New Products

Purchase a mailing list if you would like to target people in surrounding communities who may not have heard of your business. After designing a flyer that lists upcoming sales and new products that are available for purchase, make copies of the advertisement and mail a copy to each of the people on the mailing list.

Also, send copies of the flyers to business owners and individuals who have previously done business with you. Taking the time to inform people about current promotions and new merchandise may intrigue some of them to contact you for their upcoming advertising needs.

Use Colored Shipping Tubes To Send Out Samples Of A Design

If business owners or individuals contact you and request samples of some advertising materials, send the items to them in colored shipping tubes. If a particular design has been requested and requires the requestor to approve the rough drafts prior to printing copies of the advertising materials, the samples that are rolled up inside of a tube will not be at risk of becoming damaged. Any modifications that need to be made to a pending design can be listed on a piece of paper and sent back to you inside of the same tube.

To make the entire mailing process convenient for potential clients, provide return postage for each tube that is sent out. If you choose to use mailing tubes that are brightly-colored and have your company's logo printed on them, recipients will be aware of the arrival of their samples as soon as they spot one of the shipping tubes. 

Hold An Open House And Provide A Demonstration

Host a yearly open house at your advertising agency to educate community members about some of the services and products that you offer. Set up rows of chairs on your business property or inside of the building that you own and operate. Set a table up in front of the chairs. Place advertising materials on the table and allow visitors to examine them at their leisure. If people are interested in specific items, hold a demonstration which involves describing in depth how each item is designed and manufactured.