3 Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of A Staffing Agency

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Regardless of how large or small your business may be, you are always going to be trying to save time and money. To do this, there may be a time when you need to enlist the help of a staffing agency. This is often due to the lack of a Human Resources professional or department. While there are fees to work with a recruitment agency, it can often be the more economical choice when you compare it to making a poor hiring choice because you don't have the time to look through dozens of applications, sit through hours of interviews, and make a quality decision for an employee. However, to ensure you get the most out of a staffing agency, here are three things to keep in mind:

Tip #1: Look For Specialized Experience.

When you need a temporary employee, you want to make sure that you get someone that knows what they're doing and not someone that you have to train for hours on end. You need someone that can come in and get to work right away. For that reason, it helps to work with a staffing agency that has industry knowledge, as this ensures that they are capable of finding well-matched candidates for your company. For instance, if you run an accounting firm, you may want to try to find a staffing agency that specializes in placing bookkeepers, accountants, tax professionals, auditors, etc. In the end, an applicant from a specialized agency will be able to do the job more accurately and at a quicker pace than a candidate from a generic firm at a lower price.

Tip #2: Make Sure That You Are Upfront About Your Needs.

When you first sit down with a staffing agency, it is imperative that you communicate what your needs are. Make it clear of your company's timetable and requirements for getting a temporary employee. It may also be a good idea to schedule an appointment to have the staffing agency come see your workplace. This will give them a glimpse into what your company's work environment and culture is like, which allows them a better idea of the type of person that is more likely to shine within the walls of your company.

Tip #3: Always Follow-up with the Agency.

When the staffing agency sends temp employees to you, it is important that you let the agency know how they're going regularly, especially within the first couple of weeks. This will not only help them get to know you better and know how to best serve you in the future, but it will also help to properly maintain progress reports of the temporary employee.

If you are in need of temporary employees, contact a local staffing agency for assistance.