Four Things You Can Do To Ensure That Your Cleaning Solutions Are Safe

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Any commercial establishment needs to develop a janitorial cleaning regimen that is both effective and healthy for everyone present.

Many of the most effective chemical cleaners come along with some health hazards, so it's important to put research into the cleaners you're using at your facility. The following are four things you can do to ensure safe janitorial practices at your company:

Avoid combining two different cleaning solutions to prevent dangerous chemical reactions

Cleaning solutions typically contain a wide variety of different substances, so combining them is risky. It's hard to predict what kind of chemical reactions can occur if you combine two different cleaners, so it's better to avoid combining two cleaners unless they have exactly the same contents. 

Even ingredients as simple and commonplace as ammonia and bleach can bring about a potentially harmful chemical reaction. When combined, ammonia and bleach give off a toxic gas. Both ammonia and bleach are common contents in commercial cleaners, so you should always avoid mixing chemical cleaners to be safe. 

Don't be satisfied with merely reading that a solution is "non-toxic"

Solutions that are labeled "non-toxic" are not necessarily entirely benign. Even non-toxic cleaners can contain substances known for causing allergic reactions and other health issues. Investigate further and avoid assuming any non-toxic cleaner is absolutely safe. 

Familiarize yourself with common cleaner ingredients and check ingredients before using

You should absolutely investigate the ingredients of the cleaners you're considering before purchasing them. If a cleaning solution doesn't offer a list of ingredients, you shouldn't even consider buying it.

Common ingredients of cleaning solutions are bleach, ammonia, and triclosan.

Bleach and triclosan are highly effective at killing bacteria, but they can allow for the proliferation of highly resistant bacteria strains if they are used excessively that can lead to health concerns over time. Ammonia is an effective cleaner, but it's important to note that it gives off potentially harmful fumes and it can cause harsh chemical reactions when mixed with other substances. 

Clean with natural ingredients where possible

It will probably surprise you to learn just how effective natural substances can be at cleaning and disinfecting. Substances including baking soda and vinegar can kill bacteria and deodorize without spreading toxic substances over the surfaces and equipment at your facility. 

Do some research and you can probably come up with an all-natural cleaning solution that gets janitorial jobs done effectively even at facilities that are prone to large scale messes. Contact a company like Mailender to learn more.