Three Steps To Follow When Using A Storage Unit

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When you are needing to use a storage rental unit, you will want to make sure that you are getting the most out of these units. In addition to maximizing the amount of storage that you get out of your unit, you will also need to keep your items safe. To this end, you should be following some guidelines when using a self-storage rental unit.  

Create A Plan For Organizing The Storage Unit

One of the first steps that you should take when using these services is to outline the way that you will organize the unit. If you will only be storing boxes, you should determine the order of the boxes so that you will be able to easily locate specific items in the future. For those that will be storing large pieces of furniture and other items, it may be beneficial to create a basic sketch of how the items will be placed in the unit.

Properly Prepare Your Items Before Putting Them In The Unit

Prior to placing anything in the unit, you should take the time to properly prepare it. For furniture, you will want to seal the wood so that it will be protected from moisture and insect damage. Also, you should cover any upholstery to minimize mildew and dust. Electronics should only be stored in a climate controlled unit as the humidity can ruin these items. Prior to placing electronics on storage, you should loosely wrap the cord around the component so that it will not become tangled or otherwise damaged. Clothing should always be stored in airtight containers so to minimize the risk of them develop foul musty odors and to shield them against many insects that are attracted to clothing items.

Check On Your Unit Regularly

Every few weeks, you will want to make a trip to your storage unit to inspect it. It can be possible for your boxes to weaken, which can lead to stacks of boxes collapsing. By making regular trips, you will be able to inspect the boxes so that any that have started to degrade can be replaced. During these visits, you will also want to look for signs of insect or mouse problems.

Most storage facilities will treat the units for these pests, and if you notice these issues, you should alert the management. In instances where pest control services are not handled by the storage provider, you will want to apply pesticides to the unit every few weeks so as to prevent these pests from harming your items.

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