3 Shipping Mistakes That Can Affect Your Business

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When it comes to the integrity and quality of your product, remember that these are not features you only need to worry about during the production phase.  If you're sending your products out to people around the world, you need to consider these features all the way through the shipping phase. Failure to remember this can lead to unsatisfied customers and a poor reputation.

Keeping A One-For-All Mindset

When choosing packing for your shipping needs, you should avoid the mindset that there is a one-size-fits-all solution for all your products. This is one of the biggest mistakes for many reasons. First, it wastes money. Many shipping companies contract pricing based on volume and dimension of packaging.

If you're sending out smaller items in the same packaging as larger items, you will still be forced to pay for the size of the larger box, regardless of what's inside. This mistake can also increase the risk of damage to your items since the fitting will be poor.

Overlooking Content Protection

In addition to choosing the right box, how well you protect the contents inside is also of great importance. First, make it a point to wrap every single item that goes inside the box. Not only does this protect the item from outside damage, but it can also prevent the item from causing damage.

For instance, if you're shipping a box of pens along with other items, in the event of a pin bursting, its individual packaging will keep the ink inside and prevent it from spreading throughout the box. Make sure you're choosing the appropriate materials to wrap each item.

Choosing The Wrong Type Of Tape

It doesn't matter how great of a box you choose and how much effort you put into properly placing all your items inside, if you aren't being mindful about the type of tape you're choosing, this will create an issue. As a general rule, you should only be using thin tape for lightweight packages, such as a box containing only a few cosmetic containers.

However, for something like a package of books, you need to choose a thicker and wider tape. Failure to do so could result in the box opening during transport, even when handled with great care.

To avoid making an error with the shipping of your products, it's always a good idea to partner with a custom shipping professional. These professionals will examine your products and their needs to help you design packaging that will keep your products safe and intact until they arrive on your customer's doorsteps.