Plugging An Old Water Well

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There comes a time when a water well simply is not going to cut it anymore. There are many reasons that a water well can become obsolete, but most of the time it is because the aquifer has dropped, or it has become contaminated in some way. When this occurs it is very important that you drill a new water well, but that you also plug the other well. If the water well is not plugged then you may get in trouble with the law. When it comes to plugging your water well there are a few different things that you can expect. 

Workover Rig

Most of the time when a water well is plugged you will need to bring in a workover rig to plug it. These can sometimes be the same as the workover rigs that work on oil and gas wells, but they can also be considerably smaller. The workover rig is going to find the water well so they can start plugging the well. You may have to move some of the things around the home so the workover rig can get into a position where they can start working on the water well. Do not worry, these rigs are usually very efficient and well operated.


The way that these water wells are usually plugged includes a great deal of cement. The cement is pumped down into the well and the pipe and the hole that connect your home to the aquifer are going to be sealed up by the cement. This part of the plugging of the well is extremely important. If something goes wrong with the cement job then your old water well is not going to be sufficiently plugged. The cement is going to set up and be a perfect seal for the water well. 

Watch The Well

The plugged well should be sufficiently plugged with the cement, but you are going to want to watch the well very closely. When the water in an aquifer is removed there can sometimes be different gasses that come in and replace the water. You do not want the gasses to leak out of the well. So, make sure that you keep a close eye on the old water well. It is actually a very good idea to put a gas sensor very close to the well so you know if any gas is actually coming out of the well. 

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