Pros And Cons Of Using A Burial Vault

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If you're planning either a funeral for your own future or a loved one's burial arrangements, you'll need to make dozens of decisions about what type of funeral service you'll have, what type of burial to choose, what type and style of coffin to buy, and much more. One such decision involves whether or not you'll use a burial vault or grave liner, which are similar types of concrete linings for graves. Here are the pros and cons of using one of these options.


First of all, many churchyards and memorial parks require the use of a burial vault or grave liner. If you want to have the burial performed in one of these places, it's pretty much non-optional. Some people prefer to seek out cemeteries that will allow them to go without the concrete liner, but others are already set on a choice of cemetery, in which case the choice is made for them. A burial vault provides support so that the filled-in grave won't settle in over time and cause an unattractive indentation in the ground, which is another reason why many people choose to use it. And they're not only for caskets; burial vaults for cremation urns can be purchased as well if you're planning on having cremains buried in a churchyard. 


It costs money to pay for a burial vault and to pay for having it installed, so if you're trying to plan a budget-friendly funeral it may not be high on your list of choices. (Of course, the burial vaults for cremation urns can be much smaller and therefore more affordable, so burial vaults aren't necessarily totally ruled out by a tight budget.) Another reason some people prefer to opt out is that using all that concrete isn't exactly eco-friendly. Not only is it not going to biodegrade, but the raw materials must have come from somewhere and now they're going to be tied up in that grave for the entire rest of the foreseeable future. Plus, if you're looking for a natural burial, you probably want your remains to end up in close contact with the earth, which burial vaults are designed to prevent. 

Burial vaults are the obvious choice for some people, while others may do their best to avoid them. Your personality, objectives, values, and budget will affect which camp you're in or whether you fall somewhere else on the spectrum. For more information, contact a business such as Elmwood Casket Company