Converting An Old Pillow Case Into A Comfortable Office Seat Cushion

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Office chairs typically come with comfortable seat cushions that make them easier to sit on for a lengthy period of time. However, when your cushion wears out, you're likely going to get pretty uncomfortable without replacing your chair. However, you don't need to do that. Instead, you can convert an old pillow case into a comfortable cushion. This will help you save a lot of money on commercial furniture.

Cutting The Pillow Case To The Right Size

Before you start, take time to search out a worn out pillow with a case that matches the color of your office chair. Most office chairs will have a black tone, though many come in gray and even white. Matching the color ensures that your cushion doesn't stick out in the office in a way that annoys your office mates.

Once you find a matching pillow case, remove the old and worn out pillow. Measure the width and length of your seat and cut the open ends of the pillow case until it is about as wide and long as the chair. Leaving the closed end decreases the amount of sewing you must do later.

Choosing Cushion Material

Typically when making an office chair cushion, you're going to want to use stuffing material that you will find comfortable sitting on for an extended period of time, due to the length of time you'll be sitting while you're at work. Investing in memory foam is a good idea, because it will adjust the shape and size of your bottom and support it throughout the work day.

If you don't want to invest in memory foam, there are other inexpensive cushion stuffing materials, such as beans from a bean bag, feathers, down, polyester, foam, or batting. Beans can be inexpensive, but may make an annoying noise when you adjust your weight, bothering your co-workers. Once you've chosen your material, it's time to get started.

Sewing It Up

Take your stuffing material and cut it to the proper shape and size, but about a half-inch narrower on all sides. This ensures that it will fit inside of your pillow case easily. Stuff it into the pillow case, pushing it all the way to the closed end. Fill it up so that it is firm, but not bulky or pressing at the seam.

Pull the material straight in the case so that it doesn't bunch up before you sew and hold the ends of the open end together to begin stitching. There are several different stitches that you can use to sew it closed, but the running stitch is probably the easiest. It involves the following steps:

  • Pressing the needle up through both sides of the fabric at one far end
  • Pulling it up and back down to where you just came up to make your first stitch
  • Moving it down the fabric about an eight-inch and bringing it back up
  • Adjusting the stitch so that it is straight, pulling the needle back down to make the second stitch
  • Continuing until you reach the end of the pillow case
  • Cutting the left over string so that there is about an inch left on each end and tying them together to close

With this simple project, you can add a little extra life to your office chair and save your company the cost of replacement. However, if anything else goes on your chair (such as a wheel), it's undoubtedly time to pick up a new chair.